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Bullying Almost Killed Him

You Won’t Believe How Much Bullying This Kid Went Through!

You Won’t Believe How Much Bullying This Kid Went Through!

Arnold Spirit


Every now and then, the press releases news about problems in schools and the community regarding racism or discrimination and bullying. In fact, the problem of racism and discrimination is really serious in most of the areas around the world. A research done in the United States of America, particularly in New York City states that 80% of police pull overs were given to the Latinos or the blacks. Also research done in the same city states that African Americans were given 10% longer sentences compared to white people with the same criminal charges. However, in schools these racial discriminations may be worse for our younger generations. Why? Because discrimination in school transforms into bullying. With recent reports claiming that every seven minutes a child gets bullied and that also because of bullying alone each day 160,000 students stay at home to avoid being bullied at school, bullying is devastating.

Arnold Spirit (also called Junior) is an Indian American teenager living in the Rez (or as we call it the Reservation). He goes to Wellpinit High School located in the reservation and is known as one of the smartest students in class and the best basketball shooter in the school. He might sound as an extra-ordinary student, however he was bullied his whole life. Arnold was no ordinary person. He was born with many disabilities with one of them being Hydrocephalus (too much celebrospinal fluid inside his skull).  “My brain damage left me nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, so my ugly glasses were all lopsided because my eyes were so lopsided. I looked goofy on the outside, but it was the inside stuff that was the worst” said Arnold. What is worse is that because of his hydrocephalus, he suffered from seizures from time to time and also suffers from another effect which is stuttering and lisps. These horrible things earned him the nickname “retard” in the Rez and he got bullied verbally and physically for it.

Since he said he likes drawing comics, we asked him to draw himself and this is what he came up with.

All of these happened until he moved into a new school. He moved to Reardan High School, located outside the Rez and out of the community of Indians. Going into an all-white school and being the only Indian is a hard new experience for. On his first day of school, he was humiliated and called names such as “chief, sitting bull, tonto, red skin, and squaw boy” because of the stereotypes of his ethnic background. Even though he eventually found out a way to deal with the students, teachers were also prejudice towards him. Once, he experienced a teacher who prejudiced him as a dumb and stupid person just because he is Indian. Even though Arnold moved into a new school and a new community, he is still being bullied and discriminated (before he was discriminated because of his physical attributes, now he is discriminated because of his racial background).

Arnold describes his situation in the illustration above

Outside of school as an Indian, Arnold also experienced a number of racial prejudice and discrimination. Once his family was experiencing dental issues, so they decided to call the dentist. A white dentist arrived and this is what Arnold had to say about it “What’s more, our white dentist believed that Indians only felt half as much pain as white people did, so he only gave us half the Novocain.” If that doesn’t sound racist, Arnold also told us about a story about what happened when his father was driving a car “During one week when I was little, Dad got stopped three times for DWI: Driving While Indian”. These things that happened to him are outright racist and has to be stopped.

Arnold is just one of the examples of the victims of discrimination and racism that still happens around the world. Do you want to be in his situation? Do you want to be discriminated and treated differently from others? So let’s stop with the bullying, racism and discrimination!


Article Rationale

  1. Task Title
    1. You Won’t Believe How Much Bullying This Kid Went Through!
  2. Literary Work
    1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
  3. Core topics/options
    1. Core: Global issues (racism, bullying and discrimination)
    2. Options: Cultural diversity (racism)
  4. Purpose of task
    1. My purpose of writing an article is to make the readers realize and awaken them about how much racism, discrimination, and bullying is happening around them and convince the readers to reduce or stop it from happening again.
  5. Summary of the task
    1. This article discusses about the discrimination and bullying happening in schools and the community because of racism. The article contains statistics about bullying in schools and also contains an interview with one of the worst case victims of discrimination, Arnold Spirit. As a person born with physical imperfections, in the article Arnold describes his tough and rough experiences of getting discriminated and bullied because of racism and his physical attributes. At the end the article closes with a call to action to reduce and stop bullying, racism and discrimination.

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